Swar Systems Intros Swar Studio, ‘The Bollywood DAW’

Swar Systems has introduced Swar Studio, a new DAW designed specifically for both modern and traditional music from India. Or as Swar describes it – an ‘Indi Pop, Bollywood Sequencer’.

Swar Studio Features:

  • Fully featured DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)
  • Audio tracks for recording or dragging audio loops
  • Instrument tracks for recording from keyboard or dragging MIDI loops
  • 36 in-built virtual instruments*
  • Library panel with hundreds of included MIDI loops
  • VST and Audio Unit effects
  • Piano Roll editor for MIDI loops
  • Link to external tools
  • Quantization
  • Drag loops directly from SwarShala or Swar Librarian
  • Export to audio or MIDI files
  • Windows and Mac OS X
  • Free updates

Swar Studio is priced at US $69.

4 thoughts on “Swar Systems Intros Swar Studio, ‘The Bollywood DAW’

  1. didn’t really watch the video so I cant comment on the sounds but just looking at the features this sounds amazing for that price.

  2. I would have liked to know more about (and hear more of) the virtual instruments – are they synths? samplers? physical models? I assume it’s kind of a Bollywood ROMpler, but physical models of Indian instruments would be unbelievably awesome. I also wonder how it handles inflections and microtunings.

    Nonetheless I think it would be an great brain transplant to try to make a song using this rather than Reason or Live.

  3. They should have put more time in building a lib for KONTAKT instead of their own little version of software. There would be more control and programming they could have done.

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