48 Free Patches For The M-Audio Venom Synthesizer

G-Storm has released a collection of free patches for the M-Audio Venom synthesizer.

This video demonstrates these patches:

  • 73 Tines. A smoother EP like Rhodes, Wurlitzer with a digital character.
  • SuperJuVee. Thick Roland JV-1080 Soundtrack strings with soft Venom grit.
  • Tank!: A loosely Atari-2600 sound effect inspired by the tank game in ‘combat’ and ‘Pole Position’.
  • Novachord. Ancient Hammond synthesizer from the 1940’s used in eerie old sci-fi movies.
  • The Chills. A real spine-tingler that will be used in my upcoming track ‘Polar’. (Unreleased patch.)
  • Sex Object. Digital or FM-based bowed string inspired by a Kraftwerk track.
  • Deep Sweep. Thick analog atmospheric pad.
  • Dy$on. Venom does Hoover-style rave genre sounds. Mod Wheel controls suction.
  • WoodblkRok. Highly addictive percussive hollow sound for dance music.
  • FullChoir. There are a few little tricks to get some male/female formants going.
  • SuperGate. Percussive ‘thwonk’ taking full advantage of the Venom’s reverb gate. For dance and pop music.

Download the 48 patch library at the GStorm site.

8 thoughts on “48 Free Patches For The M-Audio Venom Synthesizer

  1. Really excellent patch set actually, I ended up saving about half of them into my venom, and as a whole they’re definitely better than the factory presets. Recommended.

    1. @ Some Guy. I have looked everywhere to figure out how to install these sound files onto my venom without success, could you please explain how you did this?

  2. I remember all of the criticism (dare I say venom?) that this synth elicited from Synthtopia (some legitimate based on sound and features, some more related to its “extreme” marketing and M-audio heritage) but clearly it’s an underrated instrument, and like most synths it can do a lot if you put some work into it!

    Though I’d probably still rather have one of the Moog/Oberheim/Roland/etc. synths from the start of the video – and clearly I’m not the only person who thinks that vacuum fluorescent displays (who else used them besides Ensoniq?) are still cool.

  3. The Venom is an excellent synth and very good value for money. The pre-set sound are great with very deep rich bass and real kicking arpeggiator driven grooves. I’ve also got a Roland Gaia which frankly cost twice as much and although the sounds and features are great I’m not sure it it offers a better bang for your buck over the Venom. Highly recommended and I say that as a guitarist first & foremost.

  4. You can load the patches by dragging the *.sgl files onto Vyzex or by clicking the “open” folder next to “Single” in the file panel on the AUX tab.

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