FXpansion Intros Etch Filter Effect

Musikmesse 2012: FXpansion’s Etch is a new filtering effect based on DCAM circuit-modelled technology.


  • Etch’s dual filters let you switch between 4 models for all manner of subtractive tone-shaping, with a comb filter type providing ‘mind-bending psychedelic effects’.
  • Additional distortion and compressor stages are provided for beefing up signals.
  • FXpansion’s TransMod modulation system lets you animate Etch’s circuits over time. Use inter-modulating LFOs, envelopes and more to drive the filter cutoffs, distortion level, compression amount or any other parameters.

According to FXpansion, “Etch does amazing things to all kinds of audio material and is great for subtle warming, deep tone sculpting, wild sweeps, special effects and experimental sonics.”

Etch is available as a download-only product from the FXpansion site, for US $99.00, EUR €79.00.

One thought on “FXpansion Intros Etch Filter Effect

  1. This looks pretty great. Seems that everyone is releasing a fancy filter these days, and they all look pretty good, but already having Camel Space and AutoFilter (Logic) I’m not seeing anything in the new software that I can’t already do.

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