SpaceLab Synth Review

Here’s a quick user review, via godmadeusfonky, of the new SpaceLab synthesizer for the iPad.

SpaceLab offers four ways to play: keyboard, graph, guitar, and wind controller. Underneath those interfaces is a fully programmable subtractive synth with oscillators, filters, envelopes, effects, FM, presets, an arpeggiator and full MIDI control.

It’s $.99 in the App Store.

4 thoughts on “SpaceLab Synth Review

  1. The review got (slightly) better once he stabilized the camera.

    I still think the guitar mode isn’t particularly useful without polyphony.

    I’d like to see some in-depth reviews of iPad synths that really delve into their sound design and compare them with other hardware and software synths.

    1. I totally agree! I want someone to review apps and put them through their paces rather than just screw around with the presets. Make the bread and butter sounds, like pads, a couple leads, bass, fx, sweeps, etc. The report on what was strong, what was weak, what was unique. Also, use the app in a song! Just write some quick cheesy thing and report on how it sat in the mix, etc.

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