Moog Minitaur Bass Shredding – There Is No Escaping Sound!

Saturday Synth Porn: The latest official Moog Minitaur video goes straight to the ‘synth porn’ category, because it dispenses with plot entirely and gets straight to the subsonic action.

Here’s the slightly text of the video – though we know you don’t watch this stuff for the text….

“…any sound, soft or loud, sweet or nasty,
creates a multidimensional envelope
that does more than intrude
it takes over not only your acoustic space,
but your mind space as well.
There is no escaping sound.
It meets your body
and forcibly enters your mind,
not just through your ears
but also via your bones…”

11 thoughts on “Moog Minitaur Bass Shredding – There Is No Escaping Sound!

    1. If that was Kari Byron in the white coat under the goggles twiddling knobs I would just be sitting here at my computer for the next 48 hours trying to blink.

      1. Disappointing ,once again I am incredibly underwhelmed.When a promo video is made,shouldn’t the result be that the viewer’s interest is piqued?That did not in any way
        do such a thing.As it stands ,I am going to purchase this little bit of all right, despite the crappy video.Talk about uninspired “tweaking”,the guy had an impressive sub woofer to boot.

  1. I’m trying to best to save money…now this!? Why Moog, WHY?!

    I already have to Mopho but want this JUST because of that KNOB for the FILTER CUTOFF. Yes I will pay nearly 700 dollars for that (and Ladder filter and Taurus OSC).

  2. I had only put up still photos of that outfit on my FB page back in February. One was on the Hollow Sun Records site March 1st. Now when the video that I was working on finally gets finished it’s gonna look like I was the copycat.

    The next big trend in men’s electronic music fashion?

    Muumuus and hair nets. Remember that you heard it here first.

    1. They probably already had the jewelers magnifiers because they use them to solder the little bitty surface mount components.

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