U-He Diva Hardware Skunkworks Prototype (Sneak Preview)

In addition to the official introductions at Musikmesse 2012, there were, as always, sneak previews of products that aren’t shipping and even some prototypes of things that may or may not ever ship.

This video, via Sonic State, captures a very early preview of a ‘skunkworks’ prototype of a U-He Diva hardware controller. Don’t miss the aluminum foil & Saran wrap action!

5 thoughts on “U-He Diva Hardware Skunkworks Prototype (Sneak Preview)

  1. Go Urs! I love the sound of Diva and unlike most plugin developers the u-he guys (Urs, Clemens and Howard) are quite accessible.

  2. Cool guy, hope this pans out for a reasonable price. Love Zebra, Ace is Ace and I think I’ll try out the Diva demo today since all I hear is praise.

  3. will there be a Diva Port to a reason rack extension?!?! i have been itching to get a new synth in reason, even more so i would like to see an additive synth as a rack extension.

  4. Haha, the end of low CPU requirements in Reason, though I guess Thor was already there.
    Perhaps I will have to get a new laptop after 4+ years, maybe even a desktop machine to replace my Power Mac G4 Quicksilver (which still runs Reason 2.5 just fine I note.)
    Looking forward to checking it out!

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