Roland Jupiter-50 Synthesizer First Look

This video is a first look at the Roland Jupiter-50 synthesizer, which was introduced at this year’s Musikmesse.

Keyboard editor Stephen Fortner takes a look at the new Jupiter-50, with an overview of the synth’s architecture, lots of audio demos and his first impressions.

via KeyboardMag

10 thoughts on “Roland Jupiter-50 Synthesizer First Look

    1. Recently I watched a youtube clip of Enrico Rava playing trumpet and I was struck so forcefully about the difference between a synth “with good articulations” and a real instrumentalist playing. I think synths are best for making new sounds, not trying to duplicate something magic like a real instrumentalist. (If the link below doesn’t work, it’s: “”)

      I don’t know if we can do links here. enrico rava playing

  1. I have no respect for this reviewer after seeing this comedy.

    “Oh listen to that high pass filter!”

    “Almost a Mellowtranny sound”

    “Iv’e got a fever and the only prescription is a TR-808 cowbell”

    You can have drums or bass but not at the same time.

    One of the features the 80 doesn’t have is the “Manual” button.

    “Jolly candy like sound buttons”

    “by bad of course I mean good”

    Whenever he’s says huge the sound is thin.

    Frequently, after a complex series of button pushes he strikes the keys and no sound comes out.

  2. How could any Editor allow this video to be seen? If I want to listen to a bad modern day Jackie Gleason lite imitation, I’ll go to a hole in the wall casino somewhere in Florida. Nothing against this ‘guy’ personally but his review was clumsy which exacerbated his ‘simplistic Jersey everyday duh’ persona.

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