The New Waldorf Wavetable iPad Synth (More Details)

waldorf ipad synthesizer

Reader Tim Webb sent word of additional details about the new Waldorf wavetable synth for the iPad, which is currently being developed by Waldorf and  iOS developer Rolf Wöhrmann (Tempo Rubato):

  • The primary concept behind the synth is an evolution of the design in Waldorf’s PPG series synths. These wavetable synths used a set of tables, which included various waveshapes.
  • The new Waldorf synth will let you modulate a wavetable, morph between waves and eve change the selected table via modulation.
  • The new synth will use the iPad touchscreen for displaying wavetables and as a spectrum analyzer to make it easier to understand what’s happening with your sounds.

See Webb’s site, discchord, for details.

8 thoughts on “The New Waldorf Wavetable iPad Synth (More Details)

  1. Could this be described as a wave-terrain synthesizer? I always thought that kind of synthesis wasn’t exploited all that well.

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