Skintimacy Turns Touch Into Sound

Skintimacy is an project designed to ‘explore interpersonal boundaries through musical interactions’.

The work, by Alexander Müller, Jochen Fuchs & Konrad Röpke, translates skin on skin touches into sound:

With ‘Skintimacy’ we present a skin-based interface for a collaborative musical performance.

The experimental setup is intended to be both an evocative tool for interpersonal interaction and touch, as well as an alternative digital musical instrument. By integrating the human skin and touch into the musician-computer interface, we propose a bodily-close haptic and emotional experience.

4 thoughts on “Skintimacy Turns Touch Into Sound

  1. One most efficiently realized versions of making the body an instrument I’ve seen. Seems like it’d be awful for any repeatable melodic music, but fantastic for more abstract work, or even a movie score.

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