Koushion Update Adds Retina Graphics Support & More

Last year, Kudzu Creative Group released Koushion – a Tenori On inspired music app for the iPad.

Since then, they’ve made a variety of improvements to Koushion, most notably adding CoreMIDI support. The latest update, version 2.4, adds iPad Retina graphics and a “rebound” loop mode that loops a single scene forwards and backwards.

Here’s the version 2.4 feature list…..


  • 16-step sequencer with a 2-octave range.
  • Integrates with your hardware MIDI setup via the iRig MIDI iPad accessory from IK Multimedia!
  • Connect wirelessly via a either a connector application (for Windows) or CoreMIDI (for OS X).
  • Syncs to any MIDI clock source or sends a MIDI clock signal so that the performance or production always stays synced.
  • Tap to set tempo (great for syncing with a live band)
  • Plays up to eight scenes/banks individually (wrap-around or rebounding loop), chained in succession, or simultaneously.
  • Adjustable quantization.
  • Switches easily to any major, minor, or pentatonic key with the push of a button.
  • Chromatic scale mode (useful for drum machine programming).
  • Configurable scene/bank MIDI channel assignments to enable control of multiple instruments at the same time.

Here’s a demo video of Koushion working with the IK Multimedia iRIg:

Koushion is available in the App Store for $9.99. See the Kudzu site for more details.

If you’ve used Koushion, leave a comment with your thoughts on it!

11 thoughts on “Koushion Update Adds Retina Graphics Support & More

  1. Looked interesting, so I bought it. So far does not seem to want to sync to Ableton through an Alesis iO Dock. It is sending MIDI Note data but not syncing. iElectribe is having no problem syncing in the same setup.

    Anyone have any insight?

    1. Go to Live’s preferences window, click the triangle next to the output port you are using (Alesis iO Dock?) and change the MIDI clock type from “Song” to “Pattern.”

    1. Very interesting… I have had this problem 2 or 3 times, but never while the iPad was connected through a MIDI cable. Whenever the app receives a MIDI stop signal, it immediately stops (with a MIDI note off message) everything that it is playing. However, since you mentioned earlier that you were having problems getting it to sync with Live, I think you might be using Koushion’s internal clock… I will go and test that out and get back to you within the next hour or so. I almost never use the internal clock since my MacBook’s clock is much more precise.

      Also, I found this discussion thread that suggests there is an issue with the iO dock: http://fairlightinstruments.com.au/?qa_faqs=possible-problems-with-alesis-io-dock-midi. Chris, would you mind doing a firmware update of the iO dock to see if this corrects the issue? Also, I don’t suppose you happen to have an iPad Camera Connection Kit or iRig MIDI that you’d be able to test with?

      Thanks so much for your feedback, Chris!

      1. Hey Chris,

        Sure enough, it doesn’t send the note off messages unless it is syncing to an external clock. I’ll submit an update to Apple this afternoon to fix this issue. Thanks so much for your help. Would it be all right if I mention your name in the update description as a token of thanks?

        1. Ian,

          No problem. Feel free to mention me.

          Additional info… In my setup it would not play unless I set it to internal clock. I updated the io dock firmware a couple weeks ago. Unless there is a very new version, I should be up to date. I am connecting via USB not DIN MIDI.

          I’ll try the song/pattern toggle when I get home .

          Very cool app though. I’ve been waiting for something like this. You may see a demo of some sorts with it in the future on http://www.experimentalsynth.com … especially if you add the ability to sequence MIDI CC values 😉

            1. That’s great to hear! Look for the update in the next week or so (the timing is kindof dependent on Apple’s review process). Good suggestion regarding CC mode. We’re planning on making the scenes (optionally) “autonomous” so that you could have them playing different octaves, loop modes, or even CC.

  2. Koushion is definitely a great virtual MIDI controller. The ability to have such great real time control really makes this an incredibly useful app. The ability to easily change the individual notes, tempo, quantisation, mode of play, and even scale while it’s playing really makes this controller stand out for me. I like the idea of different CC control and octaves on each layer, so this is very exciting news, can’t wait.

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