LNX_Studio For Mac Updated, Gets SuperCollider Synth-Building Action

Reader Neil Cosgrove sent word about an update to LNX_Studio – a free music environment for OS X that’s designed for realtime Internet collaboration:

LNX_Studio is a way of bring people together to make music with new and innovative tools. It’s all about creating and sharing ideas. There are many features in LNX_Studio and it’s strength lies in putting the creative process at the forefront of a networked collaboration.

This release sees some major changes, including the ability to design instruments and effects in SuperCollider. It has an automatic GUI system which is used to create and edit your own widgets. It’s ‘sequencing is driven by a fully featured piano roll.’

Here’s a video that demonstrates a real-time music collaboration using LNX_Studio:


  • On-line collaborations in real-time
  • Analog synthesiser
  • Drum machine
  • MIDI In/Out
  • Effects
  • Reverb
  • Delay
  • Pitch Shifter
  • Limiter
  • Step Sequencer
  • Virtual MIDI Controller Keyboard
  • MIDI Clock Sync In/Out
  • Record Out (AIFF)
  • All controls assignable to MIDI

LNX_Studio is a free download and is Open Source. See the LNXStudio site for details.

7 thoughts on “LNX_Studio For Mac Updated, Gets SuperCollider Synth-Building Action

    1. Perhaps this software could be developed for other platforms for the Mac disliker. It’s cool that this is currently free. The current version of GB for iPad has a collaboration feature, and perhaps in some ways it is similar, but this seems more pro, without all the hand-holding (hand-pushing?) that GB does.

      1. This nice idea definitely needs to be cross-platforms…
        The author could use some usual cross-platforms libraries dedicated to music plugins like juce…

    2. Of course you need one. I am not particularly fond of any particular system so I use all of them to varying degrees. Remember: Computers are just tools whether they conform to some ideology or aesthetic or not.

  1. This looks really cool, but is there anything like this would enable vocal tracks to be done as well? Like if I’m working on a track here in the U.S. with a vocalist in Canada. Our current process is mainly using dropbox to send files back and forth, but it would be cool if there was a relatively latency free way of doing this. Skype also is not the greatest way to ‘practice’.

  2. This program definitely deserves some more attention! I’m a wee bit (more like a lotta bit) of a newbie at scripting in SuperCollider, but the program is chock-full of enough patches to get you off the ground and making fun music. I just wish there were more users online to network with. Hopefully in due time.

  3. Happy to see people are enjoying LNX.
    Linux development planned but at least 12 months away.
    I will be doing more promotional stuff once I’ve done a decent video of us using it and then there should be more users.
    Its all still very new.

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