BassLine Updated With MIDI Control & More

Finger has released an update to BassLine, its Roland TB-303 style bassline synth for Apple’s iOS.

Here’s what’s new in BassLine v4:

  • MIDI note input
  • MIDI controller input
  • Gated sequencer mode with real-time pattern transposition
  • OMAC Fast Switch sender support
  • One-swipe App Switching on iPads running iOS 5+: Swipe left from the right of the screen to reveal the list of registered apps
  • Audio Sharing via “Open in…”
  • Intelligent Background Audio: Avoid battery drain by auto-shutdown after 15 minutes of not receiving any MIDI event
  • iPad Retina graphics

BassLine is $3.99 in the App Store. If you’re a BassLine user, let us know what you think of it!

5 thoughts on “BassLine Updated With MIDI Control & More

  1. I prefer technoBox2 over BassLine actually since it has two drum machines and two 303s. Only thing as far as I’m concerned it lacks is the MIDI support the BassLine has which seems to be top notch. But at the moment it’s a good trade off. It feels great to fiddle with the TB2 and make DAF, Nitzer Ebb-ish stuff.

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