Carl Craig’s Modular Pursuits

In April 2012, the producers of the upcoming documentary on modular synthesizers, I Dream of Wires, stopped by the studio of Detroit techno producer Carl Craig, to discuss his electronic music influences and production experiences, including his recent interest in Eurorack modular synthesis.

Craig’s experiments in modular synthesis are best heard on 2010’s Modular Pursuits 12-inch, released under his No Boundaries alias.

7 thoughts on “Carl Craig’s Modular Pursuits

  1. Really cool guy. If the admin could help or anyone else. I tried to google this simple info but could not find it : what model of loudspeakers do we see as his main monitors so I can add them to my favorites.


  2. This guy is after my own heart, I too sold all my digital crap and find I can’t sell my analog babies. I have bought a shit load of filters as well and have no signs of stopping soon.

    1. I still have quite a few digital pieces and actually have bought some new (as in used, beat up old stuff) pieces as well since going modular. It’s a nice blend. While it’s true that you can do many of the digital things in a computer it’s still quite hard to mimic the specific sound of a single digital instrument. Some of those beasts from the 80s or early 90s have very crude D/A converters and horrible analog signal paths. It’s almost like playing an analog instrument that way. Especially early samplers and sampling drum machines. Especially if there are analog or quirky filters inside.

      1. This is why I can never sell my ASR10, AKAI s950, MPC 60 – 3000 or Old Novation Gear like my Nova and BassStation. Heck my commodore 64 is a beast on its own. It will blend! 🙂

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