Korg Debuts iMonoPoly, iOS Reissue of Classic Synth

Korg has announced the reintroduction of iMono/Poly, an iOS version of the classic monophonic synthesizer. Korg introduced the Mono/Poly, a “fat-sounding” four-VCO monophonic synthesizer, following the release of their six-voice Polysix synth in 1981. Manufactured from 1981 to 1984, Mono/Poly’s “most signature characteristic” was the Synchro and Cross Modulation functions that could run dual, or… Read More Korg Debuts iMonoPoly, iOS Reissue of Classic Synth

Love Theme, For Synthesizers

Sunday Synth Jam: This is the video song for Sebastian Galassi’s The sweetest berry of the Space Valley. The love theme features classic stage piano sounds of the Yamaha CP 70, lush string synths & Korg Mono/Poly bass. 

Korg Mono/Poly For Reason Now Available

Korg has introduced Mono/Poly for Reason, a Rack Extension version of their classic analog synthesizer. Mono/Poly for Reason uses Korg’s Component Modeling Technology to model the circuitry of the original analog instrument. Originally introduced as part of Korg’s Legacy Collection, Mono/Poly can now be integrated into Reason as a Rack Extension. Here are the details: