Native Instruments Maschine Update On The Way – Here’s What’s New

MaschineNative Instruments has announced an update to Maschine, version 1.8.

Here’s what’s new in Maschine 1.8:

  • Offline time stretching and pitch shifting feature
  • Transient Master
  • Tape and Tube Saturators
  • Save group with samples feature
  • Improved handling of missing samples
  • Revised select page (hardware) with access to note length
  • Quick select events of a sound in a pattern (Shift + Select + Pad)
  • Quick erase events of a sound in a pattern (Erase + Select + Pad)
  • Pre-hear samples from the hardware browser before loading them
  • Choke all playing sampler voices feature (“panic button”: Shift + Mute)
  • Sample play position indicator on the waveform (hardware and software)
  • AutoWrite pinning feature
  • Various bug fixes

The release date is still to be announced.

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4 thoughts on “Native Instruments Maschine Update On The Way – Here’s What’s New

  1. maschine is not proffesional up to date

    maschine is not grooving-he is only hardquantizing-not groovequantize
    his dancetracks cannot groove
    maschine has not solo and mute automation
    maschine has not songmode or scene shapshots
    the most important dancemusic arranging way are not available in maschine

    maschine is not good to use as soundmodul
    because his fxslots has not midi-input for controlchange- progchangec etc.

    what kind kind of m,usic you will made within maschine
    i cant not say

    1. Good points. Except that there are scenes, ala LIVE in the sequencer. Solo and mute automation are possible with a very simple workaround. Control-program changes for effects are not too important because everyone is using plugins nowadays.

      As far as dance music arranging methods, people make dance music on maschine just fine. The sequencer on maschine is actually pretty awesome for loop based tunes. As for engineering methods, the only seriously lacking feature is sidechain compression. THAT is the big omission.

      As for the quantizing… There are many parameters in maschine to alter the swing. If you really want to be funky, learn to play your parts correctly the first time. Quantizing a kick drum is cool… If you need technology to fix your badly played arpeggios or bass lines, you need practice ( not groove quantize ).

      Maschine is an amazing sound module. It hosts both VST and AU plugins, giving you a near unlimited number of potential instruments.

  2. The way you Create song scenes in maschine is a joke. It not flexible enough just like the Mpc-ren. Maschine really needs to improve and change the way Scenes work.
    Transportbar is also needed so we can see our timing in Maschine.
    An extra 2bar pre-count before recording is also needed.
    – A mixer window is also required!
    – A better Export function is needed too!

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