Novation Twitch Review

Novation Twitch In Use

Setup with Twitch is a no-brainer if you are using Itch. And Twitch is bus-powered, so you can pair it with a laptop and have a complete rig.

Traktor & Ableton Live are also supported, but require an extra step or two to get configured the first time.

For Traktor users, Novation includes 2 and 4 deck mappings for Traktor Pro, and a faceplate overlay that’s labeled for Traktor. Controls are mapped to the Touchstrips, knobs, faders and buttons on Twitch.

Here’s the official intro for Twitch with Traktor:

If you want to use Twitch with Ableton Live, Novation supports it with a Live set and Twitch Translator.

Here’s Novation’s overview of setting up Ableton Live to work with Twitch:

The Twitch is clearly designed with controllerist style DJing in mind. Here’s an example – Edison doing a live mashup jam with Twitch and Ableton Live:

See the Novation site for details on the Live downloads.

The most unique feature of the Twitch is probably the twin touchstrips.

The touchstrips are not really a replacement for turntable-style controllers – but it would be a mistake to think of them that way. Some of their functionality overlaps turntable wheel controllers, but most users would probably agree that wheel controllers have their strengths and the touchstrips have their own strengths. Touchstrips allow for instant jumps, for example.

How much you like the touchstrips may depend on how much time you’ve got invested in platter-style control. No matter what you think of them, though, kudos to Novation for trying something new.

If you’re interested in the Twitch, we’d strongly recommend digging into the detailed info and demo collection at Novation’s site.

Combined with a laptop and Serato Itch, NI Traktor or Ableton Live, Twitch proves a comprehensive ‘digital native’ DJ solution.