MacBeth Dual Stylus Keyboard Controller (Sneak Preview)

MacBeth Touch Synthesizer Interface

Ken MacBeth offered a sneak preview of an upcoming dual-stylus keyboard controller for analog synthesizers on his Facebook page.

MacBeth says:

I’ve been at the solid state keyboard stuff again!Here is a dual stylus keyboard- it has 5 jack sockets out- Glide CV1, Glide CV2, Positive 1V/Octave CV and Negative 1V/Octave CV. The Fifth jack socket is for Gate- two styluses- a ton of fun!

I plan to make this complimentary unit for both the 3U micromac and as seen here, the Desktop prototype.

Here’s a video preview:

The outputs are Glide 1 (1v/octave), Glide 2 (1V/Octave), Standard 1VOctave, Negative (reverse going) 1V/Octave and finaqly +5V gate. The keyboard is driving the soon to be released MacBeth MicroMac analogue synthesizer.

MacBeth adds “I wonder if anyone will be interested in this controller.”

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