Arturia MiniBrute Synthesizer Review

The new Arturia Minibrute synthesizer is the subject of this video review, via sonicstate. Nick gives the Minibrute the full workout and calls it ‘a winner’.

For more info, see Marc Doty’s video intro to the Minibrute synthesizer and details at the Arturia site.

The Minibrute is available now for $549/£429.

If you’ve tried the Arturia Minibrute, let us know what you think of it!

10 thoughts on “Arturia MiniBrute Synthesizer Review

  1. Typical SonicState review – just as I have reached the decision that I don’t need the MiniBrute, Nick does a review and…boom.

    Guess I will have to re-do my financial planning for the next months 😉

  2. Sounds nice – but the main thing that interests me is the connectivity. This costs $50 than the CV keyboard – and it adds a complete synth to the equation.

  3. I had a little play with one on these at an Alchemea training thing a few months ago (The distributor had a stand there). It felt so much more immediate than the Minitaur especially with the aftertouch and arp. it’s definitely on the want-list but something else has to go first 🙁

    1. >A 4-voice version of this would be amazing

      There’s a flexible way of getting something like that now–the Minibrute is so inexpensive, a person could just BUY TWO, and have a real split keyboard. You couldn’t play chords, but you could play intervals. And if you set the two voices carefully it could be a rich, full sound.

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