22 thoughts on “Elders React To Dubstep – ‘It’s Not Like Sinatra’

  1. Do you think dubstep is bad? You all probably haven’t listen to “Reggaetón”, that shit is quintessential musical mediocrity. It’s extremely offensive, as well as for music and for women. Most singers are men, they ALL call women bitches. Eventually women start to like that crap (I don’t know why, maybe for the dance) and start to look like whores (in behavior and clothing).

    [sorry if my english was wrong]

    1. I have to chime in on the reggaeton stigma here. You’re right that there’s alot of ridiculous misogynistic music in this genre. But try actually producing it with the effervescence of producers such as luney tunes. Many of the people who criticize reggaeton never seem to actually understand the development of rhythms and textures in a well produced reggaeton track. Mumbahton exemplifies this where (although some mumbahton is truly awesome), many producers use a static 4/4 beat that in their naive ears is reminiscent of reggaeton.

      Reggaeton, Mumbahton, Dubstep, Happy Hardcore, whatever genre it may be, there will always be diamonds in the rough. The moment you criticize an entire genre is the moment you label yourself as an old person, like some of those in this video.

      1. Of course I’ve produced reggaetón tracks, otherwise couldn’t know how bad it is. One can do something popular-grade easily with basic knowledge, that’s why there are tens of “producers” per city in my state making reggaetón. If you fail at reggaetón is because you fail at its lyrics and your appearance. Maybe I’m envious for not having so much money, but I shit of laughter whenever they think they are production-gansters or something like that and they spend lots of money in their studios… as if their music couldn’t be done in a eeePC. I agree that is funny, but it destroys brains.That’s just my opinion, I’m not going to kill reggaetoneros, actually many of my friends are reggaetoneros…

    1. And the future started to be mundane. If this is the case, I want to see things after the future, this is vomiting. Take away this Dub shit asap.(Of course, like in any of the worst and most formulaic pieces of shit music, there are pieces of gold. The more formulaic, the less gold though, in this case the nuggets could be pieces of corn though, and this as a genre is as formulaic as it gets. Perhaps even worse as metal of all sorts. Watching nerds being nerds is only not as amusing as watching nerds trying to look intimidating)

  2. Poor people… “Could you reproduce the sounds?”.. You /know/ the geeks are out there ready to chop up & remix the sounds these guys made 🙂

  3. “Kind of like a jack-ass in a bottle” – “heavy metal gone awry” – perfect description of bro step.

  4. Skrillex is an amazing producer, but his music sucks. Musical ideas should come first, otherwise your just making auditory special FX that nobody will remember in 10 years.

  5. Me brethren, dem a dubba peeps got da big phat bline dat shake da waistline
    We wobble and shake, make da earthquake
    But dat skrillex guy is nuting but a snake
    Say whatcha like but I speek da truuth
    If u ain’t into da dubstep , u ain’t nuting but a poof!

  6. My man above is right! Lol, likely skrillex himself was one who put thumbs down innit!

    Funny thing is that the track featured is more drumstep than dubstep

    Fact is, most stuff played these days ain’t even dubstep, the lows been replaced by midrange sharp stabs

    Go check out tunnidge, mala etc for the real thing, it’s deeper and likely send dem old biddies to sleep as the true bass soothes rather than irritates

  7. When I first heard dubstep in early ’09 it was dirty, but had a chilled out feel to it. It wasn’t too remarkable, but it was cool. Then it started sounding like the FX from Transformers, and I really liked that, but it got old pretty quick. Then Skrillex came along and it suddenly became really ridiculous. Now it seems to be becoming less popular and is losing it’s novelty. It was a good ride and showed what modern synths like Massive could do, but producers don’t seem to know what to do with it anymore and I think people are ready for something else.

  8. Skrillex is an amazing producer, but his music sucks. Musical ideas should come first, otherwise your just making auditory special FX that nobody will remember in 10 years.

    ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!! Couldn’t have said it better myself…

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