IanniX, A Free Open Source Graphical Music Sequencer

This is an introduction to IanniX – a graphical open-source sequencer, based on the work of Iannis Xenakis.

IanniX Features:

  • Sequencer – IanniX can be used with a diversity of software and hardware tools.
  • Real-time – IanniX can be modified and operated in real-time.
  • Space & Time – IanniX’s graphical space spans several dimensions and time scales.
  • Open Sound Control – The OSC protocol allows fast network communication.
  • Open-source – IanniX is licensed under GPL 3, free and cross-platform.
  • Programmable – Scripts for IanniX can be written using JavaScript to create complex and generative scores.

IanniX is available as a free download for Linux, Mac & Windows.

6 thoughts on “IanniX, A Free Open Source Graphical Music Sequencer

  1. this is absolutely, insanely mind boggling. It seems like there is sooooo much this platform could do. these guys deserve an award.

  2. Iannix has been around a while now but popular interest has been slow. I wish they would make a simple how to get started video tutorial. Even the references on the Iannix website have no clear step ordered list explaining how to achieve simple tasks.

    1. Try GeoSonix, which was forked from IanniX ten months ago: http://www.geosonix.com . It includes more complete documentation including several step by step tutorials on getting started. There are examples using the free version of MuSynth. Also better MIDI support and many other enhancements such as a harmony processor and in an upcoming release, a rhythm processor.

      Musical examples from GeoSonix:
      – A Flower’s Piano Debut (with explanatory comments): vimeo.com/44745643
      – Piano style riff: vimeo.com/42653192
      – Dark ambient music: vimeo.com/39200470
      – Trumpet Trio: vimeo.com/44821560
      – Another cool riff (with midi sync to Numerology): vimeo.com/41238748
      – Blues chord changes with the harmony processor: vimeo.com/33563425
      – GeoSonix announces itself: vimeo.com/36209199

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