FXpansion Intros DCAM Dynamics & FREEComp

FXpansion has introduced DCAM Dynamics – a suite of four dynamics plugins; and DCAM FreeCom – a free circuit-modelled compression plugin.

Here’s what they have to say about them:

  • DCAM Dynamics offers a variety of different flavors of circuit-modelled dynamics processing. The included plugins are designed for everything from taming tricky transients to heavy, creative sculpting effects and everything in between. Classic console bus compression and channel limiting amp processors are provided alongside a transient shaper and frequency-selective compressor making DCAM Dynamics a great all-purpose dynamics toolbox.
  • DCAM FreeComp, a free circuit-modelled compression plugin in VST, AU and RTAS formats. DCAM FreeComp is a realistic model of a classic console bus compressor design, designed to gel subgroups and entire mixes together while enhancing punch and definition. It’s also excellent at taming peaks in individual tracks and instruments, creative sculpting and heavy, pumping compression effects.

DCAM Dynamics is available as a download-only product from the FXpansion web shop for USD $99.00, EUR €79.00, GBP £69.00 inc VAT where applicable.

FreeComp is a free download for FXpansion.com user account holders.

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6 thoughts on “FXpansion Intros DCAM Dynamics & FREEComp

  1. Cut the bullshit!

    Offer it as a link and stop making “free” seem like its not worth our time! Does anyone else like jumping through hoops for free?

    1. Agreed. I know its free and most people would say not to complain but having to register, request a serial, install, run a licensing manager and validate for a simple compressor plugin is a bit overkill. Just provide it as a simple vst and call it a day.

      I tried it. Kinda meh. Definitely not worth all that trouble for the free version.

  2. You said it, aymat! Meh indeed!

    This feels utterly underwhelming compared to some of the other free VST compressors out there. Variety of Sound’s Density mkIII especially wipes the floor with this one when compared as bus compressors.

  3. I am usually against the modern ethos that everything on the Internet should be free. However when you decide to provide a free app or VST, it really should be free. Unencumbered by hidden purchases to get full functionality or in this case the ridiculous authorization process. I have and FXpansion account already and it seemed like more trouble than it was worth.

  4. FXpansion is giving away a nice free bus compressor plugin (I tried it and I like it) and all you do is cry like little babies. If you don’t like to spend a few minutes (that’s all it takes) to get this plugin up and running, that’s your problem! It for sure is not FXpansion their problem. They give away a free plugin on their term, I think it’s more than fair!

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