New Drum Machine For Ableton Live, The Beatdown

Steve at Sonic Faction sent word about The Beatdown, a new drum machine for Ableton Live:

We crafted The Beatdown from the ground up, giving users superior sound quality and unprecedented control. We started by sampling the Elektron Machine Drum and rebuilding it inside of Ableton, staying true to the instrument’s unique design. Inspired by the flexibility of our new instrument, we then added 6 additional drum kits that cover all of the most popular dance music genres. It’s styles range from Analog Hip Hop madness, to fresh House beats, to viscous Dubstep wobbles and Experimental glitches. The result is a slamming drum machine that will have you dropping next level beats instantly.


  • The Beatdown includes 10 sampled and sculpted drum kits. Its design allows you to mix and match kits on the fly. Designed to be ‘instantly playable’.
  • Tweakability – at the twist of a knob, you can manipulate each sound’s most useful parameters like pitch, decay and FX.
  • Free Max for Live Step Sequencer for Launchpad and APC40. This custom device frees you from the mouse and gives you hands-on control.

The Beatdown is available for $24.99 at the Sonic Faction site.

4 thoughts on “New Drum Machine For Ableton Live, The Beatdown

    1. I’ll build my own thanks….and I’ll spend the $25 to order pizza to eat while I choose what drum samples to use

  1. I don’t know how useful this would be for me, but I have their EvilFish 303 and it’s quite badass sounding. And their M4L control patches are very well designed. They make a decent product, these guys. I’m not sure why these days so many people get all worked up over a potentially useful device/instrument that costs less than $30. Maybe it’s not for you, but that doesn’t mean it’s a total rip-off.

    1. I didnt say it was a ripoff. Im just saying, like dave here, that i would prefer to rig the samples myself. Anyway, their choice of sounds seems sound. If you want to buy the pack, do it. I acknowledge that my comment was too derisive. Either you have time or you have money.

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