Intros Buchla-Style Cabinets For 5U Modular Synths has introduced a new cabinet style for 5U modular synthesizers, the Desktop Box 11.


  • Desktop Box 11 cabinets can be stacked to build systems of any size.
  • Unique side-panel designs connect cabinets, using simple plates and thumbscrews.
  • Multiples and power LEDs are built into the cabinet, giving you more space for modules.
  • An internal power harness is included, just add a power supply (QPS4) and sides to suit your needs.
  • Box 11 can be powered from Portable or Studio systems.

See the site for details.


4 thoughts on “ Intros Buchla-Style Cabinets For 5U Modular Synths

  1. This gets me excited! Currently my .com sits inside of a hollowed out briefcase. Which is cool, but leaves no room for expansion, which this new system encourages. The only issue I see is power, when you have a system of so many units, the power supplies turn into a mess. Unless they can be daisy chained, which I doubt looking at the power supply specs. Perhaps a new power solution for larger systems? I guess I’ll just have to get one!

  2. And ordered mine, only $240 for the case, power supply, and shipping. I dont feel like adding the wooden sides yet, as I can make my own. But after a 2nd cabinet I’ll buy the two different wood sides, as I already have my configuration in mind.

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