One thought on “WaaSoundLab Summer Sale: 50% Off All Sample Packs

  1. I also wanted to leave a comment about electro swing samples!! 🙂
    Figured, in the vein of electro-swing sample packs, this one would be good to post….

    It’s called, StrangeFlow’s Authentic Electro Swing Samples … there’s a demo track of it on, as well as a preview pack with 20 of the over-100 samples from the full pack up there, and these 20 preview samples are freeeee.

    check it out, good authentic 20s and 30s samples. Loads of em. All copyright free, and insanely-affordable. This is our first pack we’re selling. There’s also some free smaller packs on the site, too! <<< its all there! over 100 samples, $15.99 ! No need for a sale or half-priced anything if it''s already fair in price, right?
    Alright, peace!

    -Will (StrangeFlow)

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