11 thoughts on “How to Chop Vocals in Ableton Live

    1. I’m confused by this comment. Sounds to me more like he needs to get himself a lav mic, instead of using the camera’s omnidirectional mic. No amount of acoustic treatment will make up for mic choice. At least, I’m assuming that this comment addresses the sound quality of his narration. Apologies if I have misunderstood. Regardless, the video production would be tighter with a properly placed lav.

      Chris, keep the videos coming… I always enjoy them. Thanks for taking time to add to our community.

    2. Thanks for the suggestion – the studio and equipment gets improved on a day by day basis and audio quality for video is something I’m looking at asap! At the moment it’s a Rode shotgun mic, and the room’s not completely dead so there’s a fair bit of ambience… and there’s zero EQ applied to the vocal either, which is something I’ve been leaving until I get time to do a proper reference template for video projects.

      Anyway enough jabbering. Thanks all for your support!

  1. Admire the effort, don’t quite like the end result. Its too slow for my liking, a lot of attention is being put into details which really don’t matter all that much when looking at the overall picture.

    My ‘non-educated’ advice would be to try and get a little more to the point without being distracted to other details. (‘non educated’ because I only blog and don’t do video’s, as such put it within context).

    BUT… Having said all that aren’t we all ignoring another important aspect? His tips work out pretty well, and are IMO very valuable for people who are new to this stuff.

    SO all negative (but well meant) comments aside.. Lets also give credit where credit’s due instead of trying to make this look like a “bash fest”.

    Good solid tips.

    1. You didn’t like the end result? Did you not hear him say that he didn’t try to make a “number one record”, just wanted to get the point across…? Kids these days…….

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