New Music Production Tutorial Series “The Best Course Online”

Chris Cartledge of OD Digital has released a new 12-hour tutorial video series on electronic music production, OD Total Music Production.

Here’s what Chris has to say about the tutorial series:

 OD Total Music Production is the antidote to poor quality ebooks, shaky-cam videos by amateurs, and astronomically over-priced courses from institutions.

12 hours of clear, precise, music production tutorial videos will walk you through the studio from your first steps all the way to professional quality music production. Immediate access to our streaming HD videos will teach you everything you need to make amazing music – and we’ll save you money by using a specially curated selection of FREE pro quality instruments and effects!

We’ve featured some of Chris’s tutorial videos previously on Synthtopia, so if you want a taste of his work, you can check out one of these videos:

The tutorial series is currently priced at $61. You can get previews and details on OD Total Music Production at Chris’s site.

If you’ve purchased the tutorial series – leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

4 thoughts on “New Music Production Tutorial Series “The Best Course Online”

    1. Hi Guys!

      As far as reviews go I promise the testimonials are 100% genuine. My mum is also very proud of me 😉

      Any questions just get in touch, thanks to Synthtopia for the post and I hope to have some of you guys – or perhaps some of your friends who nag you about teaching them how to make music all day – on board soon!

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