Tenori-On For iPad MIDI In & Out

This pair of videos, via flx04, takes a look at the MIDI In and Out capabilities of the Yamaha Tenori-On app for iPad, TNR-i.

Above, a look at using the Tenori On with an external MIDI keyboard and also to sync its clock to your DAW.


The second video looks at some of the MIDI output functionality of the Tenori-On (TNR-i) iOS App. You can use the Tenori-On App to sequence external hardware and software, like synthesizers or DAWs. Each Tenori-On layer corresponds to a MIDI channel, so you can output up to 16 different sequences at the same time.

In addition to regular step-sequencer score layers, there are also random layers, bounce layers and more, to mix your sequences up a bit.

In the demos, the Tenori-On is used with an MFB Nanozwerg, a MFB 522 Drum Machine and a MicroKorg. An Apple Camera Connection Kit and a USB-to-MIDI Cable are being used to connect the iPad to Ableton Live.

Tenori On is available now in the App Store.

4 thoughts on “Tenori-On For iPad MIDI In & Out

  1. The Tenori-On app is outstanding – it’s deep and functional, and sharing the constraints of the original might not be a bad thing for actually getting music done. Although it lacks the tactile feedback of the actual hardware, it’s probably the next best thing – almost better in some ways since you can potentially sync with or sequence other iPad apps as well, with no cables or gadgetry required!

    Yamaha’s apps seem pretty well done for what they do – I hope to see more from them!

  2. There are actually some advantages to the touch screen since you can slide more easily than you can push. The app made me want the hardware version though. I just wish we could have 16 bounce layers. I love that mode.

  3. You can have 16 bounce layers. On the actual hardware and on the TNR-i app.

    The app has ‘Advance Mode’ just like the real hardware does.

  4. My midi broke!!!

    TNR-i 1.4.4 refuses to send wireless midi anymore… as well, I recently got a midi to USB cable to remedy this and get back to recording midi from the iPad – and it’s not working properly 🙁 I love this app and want my midi back.

    Any one else having troubles with midi and the Tenori-on App??

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