Wolfgang Palm Testing The PPG Wavegenerator App

Here’s another sneak preview of the Wolfgang Palm‘s upcoming iPad software synth, PPG Wavegenerator, via PPGWavegenerator:

Wolfgang Palm Caught In The Act Of Testing The PPG Wavegenerator App

Wolfgang tells us he is working hard on the App now we know otherwise…

We used security footage to catch him playing the new PPG Wavegenerator App for iPad

Not much more than a teaser – but consider us teased……

9 thoughts on “Wolfgang Palm Testing The PPG Wavegenerator App

    1. No!!!!! These little teasers are more fun than all these shitty slick videos. My advise to you Wolfgang: do the promo in your own backyard, with that firepot and NO WOBBLES.

  1. Wonderful to see the face behind a product, rather than the faceless wall presented to us by Korg, Yamaha, Roland etc…

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