Moog Animoog Update Fixes Crash Issue

Moog Music has released an update to Animoog for iPad that fixes a problem with the previous version that was causing the app to crash and lose users patches.

Version 1.1.1 does not offer new features, but just fixes a problem with the 1.1.0 release.

New in 1.1.0:

  • Preset Categories
  • MIDI CC Mapping
  • Recording time is doubled
  • MIDI OUT available as an in-app purchase
  • ACOUSTIC and METALLIC expansion packs added to Animoog Store

The update is available now in the App Store. Animoog is a $29.99 app software synth that turns your iPad into a synthesizer with polyphonic control over sounds.

10 thoughts on “Moog Animoog Update Fixes Crash Issue

  1. From Amos Gaynes’ Facebook:
    “Ultimately the problems with this update were my responsibility to catch, and I let you down. I am very sorry for the loss of your presets. The ones you paid for should be back up now. I’ve learned quite a bit in the last couple of days and can say with some confidence that this particular disaster won’t happen again.”

    Nice to see someone taking responsibility!

  2. Mistakes happen. We all make them. Forgive and forget. Animoog remains as one of the best apps on any platform. As someone who did lose quite a few presets, i forgive and am no less inspired by the amazing animoog.

  3. Anybidy know if there’s a way to restore Animoog to an earlier version from your phone backups, to get lost presets back, and then upgrade, using the new updated?

    1. If you are running a backup like TimeMachine you should be able to find the backup of your iPad software. Whether you could extract just the presets though is questionable.

    1. No free MIDI out. That sucks, because Animoog’s MIDI out support doesn’t really work with any other app and nobody is going to support it. But we’ve flogged that horse.

      St Vitus – I think you’d have to restore your whole phone to an earlier backup, download the Animoog update and then try upgrading. I haven’t tried this though, because I don’t think it’s worth it.

  4. do you have to install the (bad) 1.1.0 update before the 1.1.1 (fix) will appear?
    I’ve been holding off, waiting for the new one and don’t want to install the bad 1.1.0 if i don’t have to.

    THX !

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