Korg Announces Limited Edition microKorg, microKorg XL+ & microKey

Korg today introduced limited edition 10th Anniversary Color Variations of several of its keyboards and controllers, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the microKorg synthesizer.

Custom versions of the microKORG, microKORG XL+, microKEY-25 and microKEY-37 will alternate color combinations. The Full Black model sports a black finish on the white keys, and the Black & Red model features a black and red reversed keyboard.

The lineup includes a total of four products: the microKORG, the new microKORG XL+ with its updated sounds and design, and the microKEY-25 and microKEY-37.

*Serial number 1 for each of the four models of the microKORG / microKORG XL+ will be the prizes for the winners of the “microMADNESS VIDEO Contest”.

The Anniversary Editions are expected to be available in November 2012.

26 thoughts on “Korg Announces Limited Edition microKorg, microKorg XL+ & microKey

  1. I dunno. These are really cute and all, but I hope all these new Korg products posted today so far are a build up to some bigger kind of announcement today at 2:30. Nothing so far has seemed that worthy of a ‘major announcement’.

        1. There’s nothing to find out, it doesn’t do anything but select a batch of presets. Presumably ones that go ‘wub wub wub’.

  2. So the “MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!” is that Korg are doing away with white keys?
    What a crock of shit..

    -I’m sure the “new” Micros will sound great, but i mean, come on that’s surely not Major in anyones book>(

  3. WOW. What a load of Boll0x!! We waited in anticipation for that? I’m surprised at Korg, this is what I expect fro Roland when they announce a new rompler ion a grey box.

  4. Oh my… those are some fugly colors! And the new Maschine with the “customizable” faceplates? Like we need any more distraction in the studio! KEEP IT SIMPLE PEOPLE!

  5. Wow, so much negativity. I personally like the all black color scheme. Sure you can’t have everything in a $500 synth, but I’m sure you can reprogram the settings if that’s what all the fuss is about, geez not everyone is a synth pro and I assume this is a simple enough synth for newbs to get into analog synthesis. It’s like you guys expect everything to be on par with nord, moog, or DSi super high standards. It’s $500, you get what you pay for. I assume most of the bashing here is coming from professional analog synth players and that’s no way to judge the product when someone like myself looking for a simple good enough analog-like synth for a band project is reading this negativity. Yes I know it doesn’t sound fat and rich like moog or some of the synths in the $1000+ range. It’s an intro analog synth not your professional workstation analog synth. I admit the Ted panel does look a bit cheesy, and the red scheme looks a bit like a cheap bite off of nord lead limited ed, but the all black looks sharp. If you’re a pro at synthesis, at least give some insight to newbs on these instruments. It’s alway you guys attacking the reviews with negativity that makes it almost hopeless for anyone wanting to get into synths to buy the product, you guys make us feel like nothing is good enough. Let me ask you a question, when you bought your first synth, did you actually know what you were doing with a synth? Not everyone wants to dive right into a sophisticated $3000 synth that has god knows how many dials and controls. Keep in mind newbs read your reviews, and you guys suck, it’s uncool to just trash an inexpensive instrument. I mean it’s not exactly a synth you’d give to a kid right? It’s not a radio shack Casio synth, and by comparison it has some advanced features that newbs to synths aren’t familiar with. So shut the fuck up and review it properly for the target buyers it’s aimed at. Trust me I know what pro gear is and what intro/mid range gear is, I play bass and guitar professionally and just happen to want to add some industrial style synthesis to my music.

  6. I got the all black microkorg. Its awesome. I used to have the regular awhile back. It’s an awesome synth. I also own a DSI mopho keyboard and the microkorg complements it well. They sound incredible together. So there you go.

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