Thanks To Wolfgang Palm For Listening To Users!

We noticed an update, this evening, on the PPG WaveGenerator Facebook page:

“END OF DAY ONE: Thanks for the awesome feedback here and around the web.

Wolfgang reads everything and responds to many of the comments either on here or behind the scenes with feedback based fixes and updates – amazing feedback from the Synthtopia fans…”

Reader feedback on PPG Wavegenerator has been been very positive overall. Some readers, though, have noted problems running it on first generation iPads and others already have feature requests.

Bad or good, it’s great to see developers, like Palm, asking for feedback and listening to users. No developer is going to be able to make everybody happy, but listening to user feedback goes a long way towards making it happen.

If you’ve tried PPG WaveGenerator, we’d encourage your to share feedback with Palm via his Facebook page to ensure that he’ll see it. But we’d also encourage you to keep sharing your experiences with PPG WaveGenerator and other synths here, to help out other readers.

16 thoughts on “Thanks To Wolfgang Palm For Listening To Users!

  1. I have just tryed the synth and, in my humble opinion, it is extremely good. Please sell a dock with MIDI keyboard, potentiometers and encoders for this great app. Worth every cent! 🙂

  2. I just bought it and plugged it into my R3 via cck and midi works great. It found my R3 and pitch and mod wheels , knobs and tempo all respond nicely. PPG sounds very nice as I ran through all the presets. It seems quite deep so I will have to spend some time with it. But Im very happy with the midi implimentation being in place right from ver. 1.0.

  3. Excellent. As I mentioned on the “official” release post, I ran into a couple of bugs, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a very deep, powerful synth. Mind blowing for an iPad app.

    Right now, the only design “complaint” that I have is about the keyboard. It would be nice to have some preset scales, the ability to adjust key range, and to scroll through different octaves. Again, sorry to mention these, but the animoog and addictive synth keyboards are great examples of this.

  4. I have no social account other than google+ so I can’t share my experience with developer :/ but this app crashes when I try to establish midi session with another app. Delay fx section is very formal – doesn’t work well for me. Spread just pans from middle to left – maybe I do not know how to deal with it. Overall it sounds fantastic! Hope that bugs will be ironed out soon.

  5. Yesterday evening I “wasted” hours just after I bought it. And that was just playing/changing with a few presets! It’s in my top 3 of best iPad apps ever!
    Only 2 requests:
    – A midi out, also for the onscreen keyboard. I see a midi option in the setup menu – is that for midi in? And how do I use it? (which CCs?)
    – A manual.

  6. Works beautifully here on iPad 3 with Cubase 6.5 and Ableton Suite 8.3.4, driven by M-Audio Axiom Pro 49.
    No MIDI or audio issues whatsoever (yet)…
    BTW; Haven’t tried virtual MIDI or background audio yet…

  7. Great synth!

    I’m pretty happy with the state If iPad synths, but it seems like developers are giving up on VSTs.

    Somebody needs to do an iPad synth with a VST/AU counterpart that can be controlled via the iPad!

  8. This thing is a steal at 20 bucks, obviously created by someone who knows his synths.
    Some of the labels and functions may seem unclear at first but the little help screens are great.
    Probably the most flexible iPad synth yet.

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