Focusrite Launches Portable ‘Forte’ Audio Interface

British audio equipment manufacturer Focusrite has launched Forte, its new flagship portable audio interface. Forte pairs Focusrite’s analogue audio circuit design with digital conversion technologies.

Forte is a two-input, four-output USB 2.0 audio interface that works with both Mac and PC. It has two remote control mic preamps, as used in Focusrite’s RedNet range of professional audio interfaces, and uses 24-bit/192kHz A-D/D-A converters. The Forte features a color Organic LED (OLED) display to indicate input and output signal levels, mic preamp gain and other information. A single knob operates in conjunction with touch-sensitive icon buttons to control input and output levels, and DAW control parameters.

Key Features

  • Premium two-input, four-output USB 2.0 audio interface for Mac and PC
  • Mic preamp performance with 75dB gain range (0-75dB)
  • ADC (117dB A-weighted) and DAC (118dB A-weighted) Color OLED screen with motion graphics to show input and output signal levels
  • Multi-function touch icons and scroll wheel with DAW control functions

A breakout cable with locking connector is used for microphone (XLR) and line/instrument (TRS) inputs, but balanced line and independent headphone outputs are provided on the unit itself, so the breakout cable is not required for playback-only applications.

In addition, the mic and line-level inputs on the breakout cable are separate, meaning all inputs can be connected simultaneously, without having to re-patch when you switch from one to the other. An external power supply is included with the unit; however, Forte can also operate as a USB-powered interface.

Availability: The Focusrite Forte will be commercially available next month, MSRP $749.99 ($599.99 street).

3 thoughts on “Focusrite Launches Portable ‘Forte’ Audio Interface

  1. Looks cool. I’m hoping someone does a shoot out between all these new 1-knob interfaces (MOTU Track 16, Apogee Duet, RME Babyface, this thing, etc.)

    I picked up the Track 16 recently and it seems good so far, although I’m finding some quirks using CueMix.

  2. Motu doens’t say sqat about the dac chip used even the SNR is not listed.. this suck and show that they just don’t want people to know they are using cheap dacs..

    duet2/babyface/forte suck because they all have this stupid unbypassable headphone amp design and only 2 balanced lineout… WTF where do you live… 8 dj out of 10 use external dj mixers so need at least 4 line ouput and even better 6-8… with exactly same SQ…

    this is sad..
    i wish companies would start to do research before coming out with shitty design that don’t even give us the needed outputs.. WTF…

    Forte seam to be the best in terms of SQ but NO SPDIF in/out and no adat in/out for 700$ WTF…

    I’m Fu… tired of you clueless companies… YOUR ALL LAME.. nobody can do anything right.. instead they release what OLED screen with stupid controls…

    FIRST GIVE US SOUND QUALITY and needed input/output + best low latency stable asio drivers..

    can’t believe this is still going on… and on…

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