VirSyn Intros Harmony Voice Harmonizer + Pitch Shifter

VirSyn today introduced Harmony Voice – a pitch shifter and harmonizer for the iPad.


  • Four part realtime Harmonizer / Pitch corrector
  • Different Harmonizer modes:
    • Manual harmonization by playing chords with up to four notes while singing
    • Automatic harmonization ( Kraehenbuehl )
    • Play base note and Harmony Voice adds appropriate chords
    • Directly play the tunes for up to four voices with the keyboard.
  • Select key note and scale for harmonization and pitch correction.
  • Harmonies can be in just ( Barbershop ) or tempered tuning.
  • Mix your original voice with the harmonized parts.
  • Change the voice character.
  • Play background track from your iTunes library.
  • Hi-end reverb effect for room simulation.
  • Chorus and Delay effect.
  • Use a CoreMIDI compatible Interface to control Harmony Voice with a MIDI Keyboard.
  • Audio recorder with Metronome.
  • Upload to SoundCloud and File Export.
  • Audio pasteboard for exchange with other Apps

Here’s a demo of Harmony Voice in action:

Note: Headphones are required to avoid feedback. Headsets with mic work great. VirSyn recommends the IK Multimedia’s iRig Mic.

Harmony Voice is $5.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used Harmony Voice, let us know what you think of it!

12 thoughts on “VirSyn Intros Harmony Voice Harmonizer + Pitch Shifter

  1. Say, that pitch display…. any chance of it outputting MIDI in the future ? Otherwise it’s just fluff.
    Love VirSyn, bought this one, feeling it needs “more” just now

  2. I’m getting some pretty cool sounds out of it but some aspects are a bit puzzling so far. Unless I really missed it, there doesn’t seem to be a way to store presets (or any preset functionality at all). I have it running in an Alesis iDock and was able to play it with an Akai MPK49. There was some note latching happening that could be handy at times but (unless it was a bug) needs to have an off switch. Glide didn’t seem to affect pitch in “Follow Key” mode (too bad). A decent value for the price. I’ll definitely be using it, but look forward to some additional functionality.

    My vocal processing needs are very different from anyone who can actually sing, so your mileage may vary widely.

  3. I’ve found this app to be incredible in many ways. It is petty powerful with vocals, it’s the first time I’ve had this sort of control over my voice and the results sound huge. The great discovery for me was plugging my bass into it, awesome tones and chords. I’ve tried all the guitar MIDI apps, but this one has the best tracking, especially in the lower registers. Playing higher bass notes gave me incredible new sounds. I can’t recommend this enough for all instruments because it just sounds so good!

  4. @Chris: the latching of keys is intentional. We thought that it would be confusing if you sing/speak into the mike and nothing came out because no key is playing. Best way to work with this is to always release all keys before playing a new chord/note. But i will think about a switch anyway… Preset management is also coming with the next update.
    The Glide parameter currently only influences the note transition of autotuned notes, we will try to make it work with the keyboard too.

  5. I agree with Vitor, can somebody do a demo how to use this app I can’t get anything out of it. the screen is always running is there a stop button to push? I have the manual but it doesn’t explains how to use it, thank you so much.

  6. The app its really powerful, the voices are great, but we need preset buttons to save combinations.
    I play with my roland GW-8 and camera connection, and mic cable made by me,works great

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