Impaktor And DrumJam Reviewed On Sonic Touch

Gaz & Nick take a look at iOS 6, Impaktor & DrumJam on the latest episode of Sonic Touch.

via sonicstate:

First we talk about the new iOS6 and the Lighting dock connector, then we look at the new DrumJam app from Sonosaurus – created in collaboration with world renowned percussionist Pete Lockett. Then it’s on to Impaktor by Beepstreet – a physical modelling drum instrument that gets one of our GOLD AWARDS.

8 thoughts on “Impaktor And DrumJam Reviewed On Sonic Touch

  1. I adore drumjam absolutely..being a progressive multi- talented (yet humble) keyboard -god..I find it tiresome to transcribe, yet understand the simple needs of the Modern Drummer…He shall only serve one purpose.. To balance the stage with his drool oozing equally on both sides …

  2. Impaktor is really powerful. I haven’t tried this yet, but plan to: use iRig to connect a drum trigger pad (direct; no module) to Impaktor and you have a live-performance Wavedrum more versatile than Korg’s.

  3. Yes it does work, tried it this morning with an old Yamaha pad. It means that you don’t need to use headphones and can go straight out to an amp/mixer but I really liked the background noises triggering sounds as I was rummaging through boxes looking for a pair of sticks

    1. I’m trying it with the iRig and a Simmonsndrum trigger attached to a wood cutting board but am getting some false triggering while I’m not playing it. Any ideas as to what might be causing this?

  4. second app i ever bought for the ipad and i’m really impressed about the variety of sounds and how many nuances are possible. Really great as a unique Percussion tool / Drumsynth for sampling
    and with the build in Looper it is very easy to come up with interesting patterns in no time.
    Highly recommended!

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