New ‘Morphing Granulator’ Effect, R_Mem

Linear Display has introduced R_Mem – a granulator effect plug-in with additional ring-modulator, multimode filter and delay.

Here’s what they have to say about R_Mem:

R_Mem lets you deconstruct the input signal and turn it into a totally different sound, from windy soundscapes to noisy clicks. What makes it special is the addition of a modulation matrix driven by 4 LFOs and of a morphing system that lets you store two states and crossfade between them. For even more radical sound mangling, both state slots can be filled with random values.

The full version also comes with 50 royalty-free samples (24 Bit / 44.1 kHz) : a selection of dark soundscapes and sound effects crafted from a mix of field recordings and digital experiments.

Features :

  • from 16 to 64 grains (10 ms to 200 ms)
  • ring-modulator
  • stereo delay up to 1 second
  • multimode filter (lowpass, highpass, bandpass, notch)
  • grain freeze
  • 4 LFOs
  • modulation matrix
  • morphing between 2 states
  • state randomizers
  • MIDI learn
  • MIDI program change support
  • 50 royalty-free samples
  • lifetime free updates for registered users

R_Mem is available for both Windows and Mac Os X, as VST (32/64 bit) and AU (32/64 bit, Mac only).

7 thoughts on “New ‘Morphing Granulator’ Effect, R_Mem

  1. Seems pretty interesting, but as people said an audio demo would have been necessary. I checked the other plugins, and they do have audio demos, so I assume it’ll be included soon.

    I’ll try it later today and will get back to you in a new comment.

  2. Okay so I just tested it out. It’s pretty nice, not necessarily intuitive when you’re usually not using much granulator things like me.
    The texts are indeed hard to read, which is pretty boring, and a PDF manual would be a good idea.

    It seems to be a decent plugin, and I believe it’s going to help me generate more heterogeneities in my music (I’m doing Dark Ambient sounds).

    However as mentioned on the website it’s pretty CPU-hungry. With 16 grains I’m around 20% of my core-i5 M430, which is okay, but at 64 grains (2×32) I’m already reaching 50%.
    Not sure I need 64 grains though.

    Thanks for sharing this vst, good stuff !

  3. Wait, isn’t it “InEar” not linear display. I like their other plugs, prob get this. They made Eurydice look better, maybe this one too.

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