Tangerine Dream Remix Contest

AudioPorn Central, Moonpop Music and Point Blank Music School have teamed up on a Tangerine Dream remix contest:

The track, Sun Son’s Seal (Part 1), comes from TD’s 2004 album Purgatorio.

Contest organizers say that this is the first time ever anyone besides the band has had official access to the stems to remix a Tangerine Dream song.

The winning remix will be selected by TD’s Jerome Froese and be included on an upcoming release.

You can preview the track below:

See the AudioPorn Central site for details and stems.

10 thoughts on “Tangerine Dream Remix Contest

  1. Wait, we get to remix a song that was composed *for* TD and the prize is nothing but some CDs by the people who composed that tune? No, thanks!

  2. Fred: are we reading the same post? Jerome Froese was the member of TD (plus he is the son of Edgar Froese, one of the founding members of TD), the song is a Tangerine Dream song (from the 2004 album) .

    About the price: the winning remix will be officiall released, plus the winner gets a 4 weeks online Pro course at Point Blank of his choice and the CDs.

    Facts are facts 😉

  3. I’ll be interested in hearing what they pick. TD is such a standard as godfathers of the synth lexicon, they fell prey to their own preeminence. Chris Franke once said that part of why he quit TD was that so many younger people took up synths that they were no longer cutting edge. He felt restless. That’s how he wound up doing things like music and sound design for “Babylon 5.”

    I love TD, always will, but that 8-step sequence arena is both one of the best and worst things to come along. Too few have found a way to move beyond that creatively. If someone can use TD’s general structure and still end up sounding like themselves, I’m all for that. Its what I always hope for. Don’t just emulate and cover the classics, build on them. Don’t dismiss the contest too easily. The winner may step far outside the usual and gobsmack us.

  4. Come on, the prize is not that bad. Apart from the albums you get:

    – the winning remix wil be released by Moonpop Music physically on Jerome Froese or a LOOM EP this year
    – one 4 week online Pro producer or DJ course at Point Blank Music School (choosed by the winner)

  5. Interesting. I’m wondering if they would accept any beat-less dark ambient submission at all.

    Moreover, I’m not accustomed to such remixing contests but am I the only one shocked by the fact the stems are mp3s ?

  6. i was listening to some old Klause Schulze albums from the 70s a few weeks ago, right after i ate about a 1/4 oz of shrooms

    the shit was blowing my fucking mind

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