The Electronic Music Works WCS-1 Wave Composition Analog Synthesizer

The Electronic Music Works WCS-1 Wave Composition Analog Synthesizer is a MIDI synthesizer module based around a digital oscillator, followed by all discrete analog circuits. According to EMM, the WCS-1 is designed to create ‘unusual and very fat sounds’.

The digital oscillator can produce a variety of waves, using individual wave shapes or combining multiple wave shapes to create complex wave shapes.

The WCS-1 is designed to be used with a MIDI controller, sequencer or other device that provides MIDI out and has a standard 1/4″ mono jack output to connect to mixer or audio interface.

Here’s a demo video of the WCS-1 in action:

In the demo, the EMW WCS-1 synthesizer module is played using a microKorg and a reverb from a Behringer mixing console.

The WCS-1 is priced at US $269. See the EMM site for details.

13 thoughts on “The Electronic Music Works WCS-1 Wave Composition Analog Synthesizer

  1. EMW puts out a standalone at a great price. Wish the linked video showed more of what it was capable of rather than just showing it can make analog sounding sounds… 🙁

  2. I tend to give one-oscillator synths the stinkeye, as it often denies you varies detuning or layering actions I consider vital. That said, I have a friend in Australia who bought one of these and he’s in love with it, so take that as a thumbs-up for it. Besides, with MIDI, expanding the tonal capabilities that last notch is no problem. In fact, its a good challenge. I’m all for smaller, solid synths under $1000. They’ve really been coming along nicely.

  3. I’m really contemplating buying one. The price is great. The only thing that’s caused me to hesitate is that I don’t think you can route the lfo to the oscillator. At this price though i think I can live without that feature.

  4. Can anybody tell me if this thing is as nice in real life as it looks in photos?

    At least from the pictures, the build quality look nice and a bit old school.

  5. There synths look very interesting. Anyone know when and if there microModular m1, m2, m3 & m4 systems will be available on there website? They looked great!

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