Novation Interview Launches Soundpack Giveaway, Remix Competition

Novation announces M4SONIC video interview, free M4SONIC soundpack, and competition to win Launchpad S, Launch Control, and M4SONIC masterclass Today Novation has announced another trio of treats – (what shall we call it? a threebie? maybe not?) – 1) an interview with Australian producer M4SONIC, 2) a free M4SONIC soundpack for Launchpad App users, and… Read More Novation Interview Launches Soundpack Giveaway, Remix Competition

Remix Moroder

Reader Marc Mitchell let us know that Beatport is running a Giorgio Moroder remix contest. Mitchell notes that, whether or not you enter the contest, ” the parts to ‘from here to eternity’ are worth having.” You can get the details on the contest, or just download the original parts, at Beatport.  

Gustav Mahler Remix Contest

The Berliner Philharmoniker has announced a Gustav Mahler Remix Contest, using extracts from their recording of the Mahler’s First Symphony: The musical focus of our competition is the music of Gustav Mahler. He was an Austrian composer born in 1860, an extraordinary conductor and a composer writing music that reflected his difficult childhood, his life… Read More Gustav Mahler Remix Contest