New Modular Synthesizer For iOS, TANSU

Developer Music Airport has released a new virtual analog modular synthesizer for iOS, TANSU.

The sounds that were sampled and used for the VCO (Voltage Controlled
Oscillator) come from the actual “TANSU” owned by Hideki Matsutake (Yellow Magic Orchestra, Logic System).

Primary Functions:

  • LOGIC BOX – Sound effects such as Shepard Tone and rhythms from music by LOGIC SYSTEM
  • have been made directly into the sound source.
  • MUSIC – You can use your iPhones own music library as a sound source. (However,
  • certain tracks which are covered under DRM may not be used).
  • Microphone function – You can use sounds which have been recorded with microphone.
  • Preset function – You can explore the potential of the TANSU Synth from various demo patterns. Moreover, it can be utilized as a tutorial for beginners.
  • VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator), VCF (Voltage Controlled Filter), VCA
  • (Voltage Controlled Amplifier), LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator), EG (Envelope
  • Generator)
  • Enhance the basic functionality of an analog synthesizer. (Various sound
  • processing is possible.)
  • 2 channel 8 step analog sequencer!
  • Connect patch cord to create original sounds
  • Three sound sources can be mixed by a three-channel mixer

Note: Unfortunately, TANSU has a major downside because of it used of sampled material. The developer notes “Commercial use of the works created by using this application is subject to the copyright clearance from right holders.”

via idesignsound

30 thoughts on “New Modular Synthesizer For iOS, TANSU

  1. That’s the most asinine thing I’ve heard all day. You’re going to pay money for an instrument and then not be able to use it in your music without getting clearance on the sound? Yeah, I’ll skip that one.

      1. Noob? Is there a disclaimer on animoog? How about a Prophet 08? I challenge you to point out another one. Of the dozens of hardware and soft synths I own the only disclaimer like this I’ve seen is with Omisphere and with that they emphasize that you are only restricted from using the samples in a raw manner that outputs the full sample. As soon as you process it through the synth engine at all you are free and clear.

        1. hello english n00b.

          – in theory or principle.
          – in idea, thought, or imagination.

          as in….other manufacturers could say have the disclaimer for the same reason. and yes on some of my older hardware samplers (boss dr. sample comes to mind) i have seen this disclaimer. i’m sure it still gets printed by companies trying to save their ass. who cares? sample whatever you want!

  2. presumably that’s not a problem if you ignore the built in samples and use your own / just use the synth? not sure the demo on idesignsound gives a good idea of the sound of this thing. And it’s always a bit worrying when you see devs struggle to control their own app..

    if anyone takes the plunge, can it render out and export audio?

  3. …and theres not much…or any use for it to be modular anyway. Its so scarce, that you can only make ca. one patch with it.

  4. What’s the point in using uncleared samples? First the dev made enormous efforts in coding such a thing, and then it’s ruined by something like that? wow… It would be so easy to just use different set of samples.

  5. “Commercial use of the works created by using this application is subject to the copyright clearance from right holders.”

    Yeah, this is a load of pishposh and bollocks this is.

  6. @Ed

    Well, the guy up above in the thread owns the sine wave rights. I’m submitting paperwork now for the sawtooth. That leaves square wide open, go for it!

  7. Who cares about copywrite when the app is crap to begin with I.e no native iPad support,
    MIDI and no audio copy/paste…
    I wouldn’t even bother to download it for free 😉

  8. It is interesting that a lot of app Devs think that they can get away from the scrutinity of iPad users… 😉
    Well, this app has absolutely nothing to offer.
    Simply CRAP, I’m afraid… 🙁

  9. I got it. It has some interesting things going on, but it is fiddly, and there are synths like it that are deeper, and cheaper, and way more “funner”.

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