64 Presets For Addictive Synth For iPad

Sunsine Audio has released 64 presets for Addictive Synth for iPad. Addition explores the depth and range of Addictive Synth, including support for the XY pad.

“The sounds range from fresh bass, lead and pad sounds to extraordinarily rich, swirling bursts and morphing textural landscapes.” said Fletcher Kaufman, lead sound designer and owner of Sunsine Audio.


  • 64 presets
  • 2 .bnk files (containing 2 Banks of 32 presets)
  • Easy installation instructions included.

Here’s a preview:

Addition is priced at $2.49.

Note: This pack requires Addictive Synth for iPad and will not work with Addictive Micro for iPhone.

via Fletcher Kaufman

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