Chrome Brulée Brings Back The 80s Awesome

Saturday Synth PornChrome Brulée is a collective, consisting of Robert Magnet, Ricky Sunset, Tony Johnson, Achim Shredlove, Simon Mayhem & Club Cannibal, that makes music that’s an ode to the golden days of chrome cassettes.

Their promo video brings back the 80’s awesome – vintage synths, cheesy video effects and vague sci fi themes – without the goofy hair:

In a world where music has become irrelevant, in a time where quantity comes over quality…a new force rises from within…armed with magic machines of ancient times…driven by pure passion and devotion…..fueled by the craft and skills of their forefathers….they will fight to make music free again…they will rage until the spirits of old will have their revenge….they go by the name….Chrome Brulee.

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10 thoughts on “Chrome Brulée Brings Back The 80s Awesome

  1. Not. Bad.
    Beyond the fun visual gimmickry the music sounded pretty good. It even sounded as if they mastered it to cassette tapes (chrome, of course)

    thumbs up!

  2. Sort of like DEVO with no grand message or melody and lots more synth worship.
    More visual than musical really, but decent beats.

  3. Until I saw this post I had only heard early Ashra Temple and nothing released under the title Ashra. After searching for club cannibal it led me to the “Correlations” Lp by Ashra and it is very cool!

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