The LushOne – A Modular Synthesizer That Doesn’t ‘Break The Bank’

Lush Projects has introduced the LushOne – a DIY modular synthesizer that doesn’t ‘break the bank’.

Here’s what the developer has to say about the LushOne:

The idea for the LushOne occurred when I was thinking about buying a modular synth but couldn’t bring myself to pay what they cost. I thought “wouldn’t it be good if someone would make an equivalent a Sinclair computer for the modular synth world?”.

I tried to design a modular synth that stripped out all the costs while providing an instrument that is cheap and flexible to allow people to get started without a big commitment. The LushOne is the implementation of this vision.

The LushOne kit is designed to provide the core functions of a modular synthesizer in a low-cost single board design. The LushOne can be controlled from a MIDI keyboard or PC interface to allow you to play the instrument with equipment you already have.

he LushOne can be interfaced to analog control voltages to allow you to play using alternative controllers like joysticks, optical or distance sensors. The signal paths between modules are routed with patch leads so you can combine the modules in different ways to create new effects or you can interconnect the LushOne with other external modules.

Here’s an audio demo of the LushOne:

 LushOne Features:

  • Modules connected by patch leads (3 leads included in kit) to allow many combinations and to allow interconnect of external modules
  • Dual digital oscillators with five wave shapes to provide stable tuning and a range of Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) effects
  • Analog voltage controlled low pass filter with cut-off and resonance controls to create classic synth sounds
  • MIDI DIN input to oscillators to allow LushOne to be played from commonly available keyboards and computer controllers
  • Analog control voltage inputs to filter and oscillators to support alternative controllers and crazy external effects
  • Single board design including all controls and connectors (except power-in) providing straightforward construction and neat presentation. The LushOne can easily be incorporated in to a “project box” case.
  • Detailed illustrated and video tutorials that introduce all the key features and show how the different modules work and how to get the full range of sounds.
  • Open-source access to schematic and software

Here’s a video introduction to the LushOne:

More videos about the LushOne are available at YouTube.

The LushOne is available now for £69.00. A plex case is also available for £35.00. See the project site for details.

via Ronnie Rekkerd

16 thoughts on “The LushOne – A Modular Synthesizer That Doesn’t ‘Break The Bank’

  1. Huh, it woulda made a lot of sense in the euro format, which is already the low cost intro to modular. 🙂

    Doepfer beauty or tip top happy ending cases aren’t what I’d call expensive. Standards in power and connectivity are important for integration.

    Don’t get me wrong, great to see something so feature packed for such a price and it’s nice to see people integrating digital into modular use.

    1. I think this is aimed at people that don’t have the cash for a Euro format power supply, never mind 2 osc, filter, etc. of this baby. Doepfer beauty or tip top happy ending cases are what I call expensive – but then I am mean as well as poor.

      1. I wish there were something like this out a while ago since it took me a long time to save up the money to start a eurorack system and even with some financial help and a good deal of saving I only just barely could make it over the hump of getting a case and a couple modules to make noises.

        I hope this product does well and people build upon it.

  2. that is seriously cool! even just watching the instructional video shows how much he’s thought this out. he really explains it do q beginner could get it!

  3. How great is this 😀 dirt cheap modular. Sounds very warm and nice. It got me thinking of making DIY modules for this, like some 555 timer & 40xx weirdness kind of thing. Definately gonna order this 🙂

  4. Very nice idea. But this synth should be called SEMI-modular, like MS-20. It would be also nice, if it could run on single 9V battery.

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