23 thoughts on “Epic Intro For Anicontrol, The Animoog Controller

  1. Amazing that this guy builds these things, but comeon guys – just plug in
    any midi controller and you’ll have the same thing exactly. Personally i find
    the main advantage of animoog is its polypressure capabilities so hardware
    without any support for that isn’t going to get the most of it, IMHO.

    1. Interesting comment. Please tell me, where i can buy a POLY-pressure 3 octave keyboard as a DIY Kit. Then i can replace it. Or which Standard Midi Keyboard has POLY-pressure ? The iPad itself doesn´t support poly-pressure, so you have to move your fingers. For the moment i use the mod wheel for these modulation.

      1. Of course I didn’t mean no disrespect, like I said, the project is amazing and animoog
        Reeeeally needs the hardware controls. I like the design stylea lot. But my favorite feature of the
        Software is the poly pressure modulation so for me, any hardware solution would
        Have to incorporate that (sliding fingers or whatever).

        I read somewhere the keyboard design of the animoog was
        Based on some older concept of a keyboard, might be worth considering.

        But whatever, to each his own, much respect for all your work.

    1. It’s so sad when the only accessible midi controllers are 10 years old Behringer.
      Fuck this industry. Only a few get it and have to make expensive things because they’re small companies.
      I can’t imagine a gigantic midi controller (read 50 generic knobs and sliders) in a cheap case (no expensive wood ffs) that would do just that (some kind of bcr2000 on steroids) not selling by BILLIONS of units. Such a device should not even be over $300…

      1. the problem of midi controllers is that they have to be generic in order to control many different platforms. If you add some design bad taste and cost cut war, then you end up with a lot of cheap tasteless controllers.

        the interest of this Animoog controller is that is has a certain style and fits a very specific instrument, the Animoog. It is not generic. It’s like the Imposcar controller in a way. But this experiment titillates many of us who do now own a Moog as it opens the possibility to have a Moog, in a digital form, but still a very stylish. May be cheaper than an actual Moog. If the price is too high, then this will only stay as a nice stylistic exercise.

        Then there are “ipad” controllers are not perfect either, in my basic experience, bad interface (AC7) or too complicated to set up (Lemur). They are not plug and play, unlike this Animoog controller.

        May be a way forward is to have modular controller elements that one can assemble to match as close as possible to the target instrument layout. It is interesting that Steinberg started this approach for their Cubase controllers.

        I have been following the boom of controllers for Ableton. these seem to work rather well because they simulate a grid surface, a key interface element for Live, which is easy to manufacture at scale, unlike a synth surface full ok knobs, wheels, sliders and ad hoc sound architecture…

      2. “Fuck this industry”

        You must have missed the part of the post that notes that Synth Project is a hobby site! This things’ obviously a labor of love, and some generic controller is never going to be as cool!

  2. It’s really cool, really! But, I think it’s circumventing the entire point of Animoog, like the nobs that seem to control the x/y pad, I have been building Lemur templates to create x/y for analog Moog’s filters like on the LP it’s just more intuitive that way rather than using knobs. I think your controller is an awesome idea, it just takes away from the idea of the touch interface, now if there were the poly-pressure keys and you could fullscreen the x/y then I would commission one tomorrow, but until then its a really cool one-off controller. But I’m happy to know it exists! Thanks for the build Synth-Project

    1. I appreciate the point, but Little Phatty is a much more limited synth. It’s a great analog synth at a fair price, but Animoog is a wonderful deal, too, and is polyphonic and in many ways is more powerful.

  3. Sucks that Synth Project only makes these for there own leisure and not for sale to the public. They would make a killing in sales.

    1. it takes a lot more skill and knowledge than a lack of whinging to do this…. and I think that a good business plan would see this guys name up there with Roger Linn or Dave Smith …. his ideas are game changers… a mass produced generic midi keyboard costs very little…. there’s no reason a mass produced ‘purpose specific’ midi controller should cost a lot more…. but if I could get my hands on something like his Diva controller which came boxed with the app, I’d give him a grand…. well, $999.

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