9 thoughts on “Piana – An Introduction To The Raspberry Pi Synthesizer

  1. Looks really cool. There’s a little extra info in the comments below that YouTube demo (the one linked in the first comment).

    Makes me want to learn more about either the version that he has for the more beefy CPU, or learn more about what the Raspberry pi thing is.

  2. It is great to see people making music gear with budget stuff, but it wouldn’t do any harm to actually demo the sounds then do the talking.
    Haven’t worked teaching music tech, one way of engaging people is for them to get excited by the sound first , then you can present the science behind the sound after.
    This video has bored the shit out of me.
    Get dynamic with the presentation, it is a shame this video is back to front.

  3. I kept skipping ahead for the demo. It never came. Then I followed the link above and got 34 seconds of “dung dung, dung dung…”. That’s a chunk of my life I’ll never get back.

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