21 thoughts on “Kid Kasio’s Telephone Line

  1. Is “new wave” now “old wave”? What exactly do we call this? Whatever it is, they’ve nailed the sound; you could slip this into a Duran Duran playlist, and no one would be the wiser.

    (Gaaah! Thirty freakin’ years since I was hooked on this stuff. It looks like none of the guys in the band were even born when Rio came out.)

  2. Is it the end of the world ? A perpetual loop full of bad musicians that are just able to remix, remake, redo, rere, …?
    Using a lot of effort and seriousness to look like, sounds like…if nobody is able to imagine the future I would like to see some people talk about the present.

    1. What have you got against the past? Classical music is based entirely on it. If these guys are happy with their sound, great. It’s fun, danceable and lacks the horrible headache-inducing thump, thump, thump of modern ‘dance’ music. I wish them every success. And who cares what guitar the guitarist plays?

      1. Did I say that I have something against the past?
        I have something against actual musician that are faking the past.
        I don’t like clowns and much more clowns that take themselves seriously.

        I think you will be the first one to laugh if someone came with some shitty faked Mozart’s music ,dressed up like a german lord and playing only on vintage clavecin in some private castles.

        You know why? Because it will be an idiot doubled by a bad clown and the better thing he can pretend to be will be a good Monkey that learned some tricks.

  3. I actually didn’t think it was that bad (damn good chorus), but I’m not sure whether to take it too seriously judging by the video treatment. The whole song was kind of like a whole of different 80’s groups all put together. A little bit of Duran Duran, Erasure, Human League, Naked Eyes, etc. etc. etc. The only thing that seemed out of place in the video was that the guitar player was strumming a Tele.

  4. If Brandon Flowers can cover Bette Davis Eyes, I say these guys can keep doing whatever it is that they’re doing.

    +1 for the ancient Commodore/CBM machine which probably, er, predates the C64.

    But yeah, Brian Setzer wants his Telecaster back – though if you want a 1950s guitar for a 1980s retro-band, might I suggest a Gibson Explorer?

      1. Looks like a Commodore PET.

        Andy Summers played (and still plays) a Telecaster, so it’s a perfectly acceptable early-80s guitar. My main guitar is a Tele, primarily because of the Andy’s influence.

        1. Good point re: Andy Summers! (Is that what a tele sounds like through a bunch of pedals or did he modify it or change the pickup or something? But I also swear I saw him playing a stratocaster on the last Police tour…)

          Not a PET 2001 – no weird calculator-like keyboard. Could be a CBM 4032 or SuperPET though perhaps…

  5. Sooo completely For The Win! …and, damn, I’m old too, but I’d have played the hell out of the 7″ over and over for at least a month…until I tossed it because the Cure were sooooo, much more Moderne – like totally!

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