Audiofile Engineering Intros Triumph Audio Editor

Audiofile Engineering has introduced Triumph, a ‘sequel’ to their Wave Editor audio editing application.

Triumph is more than just a new version of Wave Editor. “We rethought everything, not only how to improve on what we built in Wave Editor, but how we could bring the concept of an audio editor forward”, says Matthew Foust, founder of Audiofile Engineering, “Triumph takes full advantage of all of the latest technologies Mac OS X has to offer.”

Here are the details:

Key Features:

  • Layers – Layers allow you to combine audio of any format, channel count, and sample rate. Add effects and fades on top of each other, edit audio using SmartEdits and our other powerful tools, then “flatten” your file to get a result that would have been nearly impossible in other editors.
  • SmartEdits – SmartEdits are intelligent audio objects and are a flexible and powerful way to edit audio files. A SmartEdit, like a region, has a start and end time. However, SmartEdits have additional properties including fade in and out, fade length and shape, name, color, and much more. Triumph adds new improvements to SmartEdits including nudge, reverse, the ability to change the underlying asset, anti-click and numerous visual improvements.
  • Actions & AppleScript – Actions are AppleScript-based and infinitely customizable. You can create and customize your own Actions using AppleScript, and even share Actions with the community of Triumph users.
  • Workspaces – Triumph gives you the ability to create multiple Workspaces within your project, all referencing the same underlying audio assets. Utilizing multiple Workspaces along with Layers helps keep your project and audio assets organized while letting you experiment and compare effects settings, edits and CD layouts.
  • Brand New Interface – Triumph’s new single-window user interface takes advantage of the latest technologies Mac OS X Lion & Mountain Lion have to offer.
  • Mastering – Triumph supports Red Book CD burning and DDP (Disc Description Protocol) 2.0. In addition, we include iZotope’s 64-bit SRC and MBIT+ dither. According to the developers Actions and Workspaces ‘offer efficiencies that mastering engineers have never thought possible.’
  • Powered by iZotope – Triumph now includes iZotope’s restoration and repair tools including Declick, Denoise, Declip and Dehum.
  • Redesigned Meters – meters are now effects, so you can add them to any Layer including the Master Layer.
  • Sharing – Triumph makes it easier than ever to share your audio creations with the world via SoundCloud. Triumph adds integration with Dropbox as well as the ability to email audio files and analyses directly from the app.

Triumph is available now at the introductory price of US $59.99, through November 16th, 2012 (25% off regular $79.99 USD). Users who purchased Wave Editor 1.5 on or after May 1st, 2012 may request a license key for Triumph 2.0 at no charge.

If you’ve used Triumph, let us know what you think of it!

6 thoughts on “Audiofile Engineering Intros Triumph Audio Editor

  1. Audiofile Engineering is kind of a mixed bag. I think they make some good software.

    These comments are not about this current app. I’m just going to take this opportunity to vent a little and offer a warning.

    I bought Rax from AE not realizing they had all but abandoned it. It is still being sold as bugware. The support wasn’t terrible, just ineffective. No offer for refund, no solutions, no promise of a fix. There were lots of complaints on the user forum (many were a year old) with no responses, (some of the same problems I encountered). After a short exchange, the support person just stopped communicating.

    I usually cut developers and support some slack. And I don’t think anyone was “bad.” I just think it is lame to charge $79 for software that doesn’t work and not develop or support it. I’m sure they are directing their resources to the apps that are bread-winners. So you can hope that this app is one of those.

    1. Jon [“stub”],

      Travis here, from Audiofile Engineering.

      Apologies if one of your requests went unanswered. That usually never happens!

      If you don’t mind, could you provide the ticket number or re-open the request? I’m not seeing any tickets from you that were closed prematurely.

      Rax, like our other applications, will see bug fix updates shortly. We’ve been very busy these past few months, and rest assured, haven’t forgotten about our Rax users!


  2. Downloaded the demo. Seems like it has a lot of potential, but it is definitely confusing.
    I was trying for 10 minutes to cut and paste to a different layer.
    Also i don’t get it why no other daw-editor, besides samplitude, uses comparasonics waveform display.

  3. As a Wave Editor user/owner, I don’t see any real point in upgrading to this. There is no link for a discount for existing Wave Editor customers. It looks like a screenshot from the 90’s and I don’t see anything interesting enough to try the Demo. Sorry AE, time to jump ship.

  4. This is certainly the most half-baked software I’ve ever tried…..and tried… and tried to use on very simple tasks with no success. I read the manual from top to bottom and used the most recent beta version that claimed to fix a lot of the bugs. Triumph crashed literally hundreds of times, and when I was finally able to complete simple tasks such as adding CD text, it proved impossible to make a usable DDP image. Triumph inexplicably put the fades of songs into the track pauses, so the songs themselves were cut off at the end. It also puts ISRCs on indexes other than zero. I’m not kidding when I say that even the crash report dialog would crash. Customer support was rude, and the only message I got was to stop spamming customer support and download the newest beta version. Thanks buddy.

    I got a demo Sonoris the next day and made my master seamlessly in an hour. It costs more, but compared the the 80 bucks and 40 wasted hours I’ll forever regret losing on the misnamed “Triumph,” Sonoris is a bargain at twice the price–I’ll be buying that as soon as the demo period is over.

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