Aalto Update Brings Vector-Based UI, OSC Input

Madrona Labs has released an update to Aalto – a software patchable synthesizer.

Here’s what’s new in Aalto 1.3:

  • redesigned, rewritten, vector-based, smoothly resizeable UI
  • DSP optimizations
  • Open Sound Control input for Soundplane / t3d format controllers
  • fixed key stealing in Ableton Live
  • fixed Fxpansion RTAS wrapper compatibility
  • improved dial / mouse wheel ballistics
  • fixed Logic noise burst bug of doom
  • sync by ratios to host sequencer
  • added MIDI program change automation
  • store window location / num / anim prefs with saved data, not patch
  • fix startup / shutdown issues affecting Max/MSP, Reaper
  • KEY: added two MIDI modulation outputs
  • KEY: rearranged knobs for Soundplane/t3d switch
  • SEQ: added random sequence button
  • SEQ: added steps signal input
  • SEQ: allow fine delay time changes in steps of 0.1
  • ENV: increased attack, decay ranges
  • ENV2: added delay, attack signal inputs
  • LFO: add level signal input
  • OSCILLATOR: fix linear pitch input range
  • patcher: fixed sticky signal displays
  • patcher: display bipolar signals as absolute

Aalto 1.3 is a free upgrade for licensed Aalto owners. An Aalto license is $99 US via the Madrona Labs site.

5 thoughts on “Aalto Update Brings Vector-Based UI, OSC Input

  1. This synth is quite well done – can make some interesting outcomes – but I can’t help thinking that this kind of synth will be beneficial of a few more processor generations. I think back to the old g3 days and some great advances have been made over the years – Aalto Diva etc are the future of va synths – now all we need is a time machine. Off to smoke a blunt and wig out with my synths. Peace GCB 🙂

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