15th Anniversary Access Virus TI Black Snow

Access has officially announced the Virus TI Black Snow synthesizer.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

We’re celebrating 15 years of ACCESS!!

For that reason we’re releasing
15 black TI Snows on this black friday!
10 are available right now in our online shop – the other 5 will be for sale at 20:00 MET.

Go to http://virus.info/shop/start if you want
to get a grip on one of those black beauties!

7 thoughts on “15th Anniversary Access Virus TI Black Snow

  1. LOL! I never knew pro audio gear was so fashion orientated. IMHO.. a company should either start their line of synths in different colors or just not do it at all… Unless there are a whopping 15 people out there who never got the snow because it wasnt black. Access made 15 of these…. Id rather see access make a drum machine

    1. Totally agree…but…if you are going to spend like a ton of hours in front of some piece of gear…I guess that you would like to have something appealing in front of you instead an ultra bright killer retina yellow for example…right?

  2. Black just seems more utilitarian… should have been black from the get-go and then do a white special edition for the rich kids who can afford to leave one in the studio so it won’t get dirty :p

    Also, I’d have tried to find a red screen and darker knobs to go in there rather than just a spray job. The red/black combo on the C is just too evil!

    Does anyone even work at access anymore besides sales and support? I mean, I’m sure they’re making money, did they just figure they won the VA polysynth game and all go home?

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