The Sickness Step Sequencer Max For Live Tutorials

Sonic Faction has published 2 new Max for Live tutorial videos featuring The Sickness Step Sequencer for APC40 and Launchpad.

The Sickness Step Sequencer comes with purchase of The Sickness, a new synth for Ableton Live. This device turns your APC40 or Launchpad into a hands-on, command center for The Sickness.

Sickness Step Sequencer APC40 Tutorial:

Sickness Step Sequencer Launchpad Tutorial:


  • Draw in notes and chords
  • Select scale & key,
  • Sequence octave, note length, & slides
  • Analog style sequence modulation
  • Save & recall patterns all in realtime.
  • Also includes the innovative new Iso-Arp mode which allows you to play interactive, realtime arpeggios.

The Sickness is available at the Sonic Faction site.

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