Diego Stocco – Transformed Rain

Diego Stocco has released another sound design video work, the meditative Transformed Rain.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

Few days ago I was working on a new instrument and needed to pick up some tools from my work table outside. It was a rainy day.

While I was sorting through the tools, I started hearing a faint tonal rhythm that reminded me of ethnic percussions and wondered where it was coming from. It was the rain hitting a metallic trash bin that I had left upside down in front of the working table.

I stopped for a moment and focused my attention on the sound.

Besides the percussive noise of the rain, I started hearing some overtones, so I got inspired to create a piece by expanding the tonal resonances present within that sound. No additional instruments or samples. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

For some insight into Stocco and his work, see our interview with him, Diego Stocco – From Sound Design To Soundtracks.

via Diego Stocco

6 thoughts on “Diego Stocco – Transformed Rain

  1. Hey, wait a sec. Me and pretty much everyone else in art school did something like this trying to impress the professor and peers with our avant garde prowess! I have the Alesis ADAT tape somewhere around here to prove it, if I can just find it.

    Seriously, good sound. Nothing beats rain and metal! It reminds me of sweet Austin days of rain, warm weather, good coffee and friends.

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